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carla bruni naked photo These are the strategies I took to become more popular on lookbook and just thought I'd share it with everyone! Hope you guys find this useful! If you do, dont forget to leave a little comment and keep this thread alive so others can find it too!

Factor 1: Your photos
this obviously, is extremely important. I wont mention your outfits as a 'factor' because everyone has different tastes so you should wear what you like. But the 'type' of photos is really imporant. Study the popular looks, they are usually taken outdoors (natural light is your best friend, try not to take pictures indoors) and they usually only have 2 photos or just 1 photo as the main look. Make sure your 2 photos are of the same size, otherwise you will get a 'wonky' looking set of photos. Make sure your background is a basic background (no closets or chairs or distracting things) so it doesnt interfere with your outfit. The more 'messy' backgrounds dont do as well as the 'cleaner' backgrounds. Go have a look at the 'hot' page right now and you'll see what i mean. And lastly, dont worry if you havent got an expensive camera, use what you've got and focus on making a good looking photo combination for your look!

Factor 2: You get what you give. BE ACTIVE!
You need to get involved with the community, hype and comment a lot. If you are new and you dont get involved then you wont get seen as you dont appear on the 'new' page yet. Your goal as a newbie is to increase your average karma (or I like to call it Leveling up! Like in games!) and to increase your average karma, you need to get hypes. But please dont ever do the 'fan me and ill fan you back/ hype me and ill hype you back' kind of stuff. It is perceived rather negatively.

Factor 3: Don't post everyday!
I NEVER post the day after i just posted. I always wait around 3 days...this is because i want to wait for my newest post to reach its highest potential (number of hypes) possible before i start posting a new one. This is because everytime you post something new, your average karma goes down. So if you post everyday, most likely you are just decreasing your average karma. So i always post, wait 3 days until my average karma has gone up past the original point, and then post again, so as to make sure that i never end up with less average karma by just posting! 

Factor 4: Best time of the day to post (I'm referring to Thailand time, so you will have to apply these strategies to where you live!) here goes!:

Newbies! (less than 100 fans): it doesnt matter when you post because average karma is very low and it wont appear on the new page anyway. Just make sure to hype and comment a lot to make your way up to the next level!

Intermediate (500-1,000 fans): post in the morning, as not a lot of ppl are posting, so you have more chances of staying on the new page for a longer period of time, therefore getting seen more!

Advanced (2,000-4,000 fans): post in the late evening...between 4pm-6pm, a lot of ppl are starting to post around this time and you want to be there to receive all the hypes during this time as it is very likely you will get sent to the hot page within 1-2 hours, which will result in you getting seen more! The 'advanced' users should not post in the morning as the site is not busy and hyping will be slow so the chances to getting to the hot page is slim! So by the time the site gets busy, you are already waaaayyy down the new page! You dont wanna waste any looks! However, 'advanced' users should also NOT post later than 6pm as the site will be too busy and your average karma cant battle those ppl with higher karma than yours! So even these advanced users will get pushed out of the new page too quickly, also resulting in getting your chances of landing the hot page ruined!

Man-of-Steel (5,000+ fans): it doesnt matter when you post! Your average karma and number fans beats all! you will hit the hot page within the first hour anyway!

As you 'level up' through these stages of lookbookers, you need to change your upload time for it to be the most affective. Again, please apply this strategy to where you live. Check the website traffic before you upload!

I hope that has been helpful. If you have any questions please just ask below! I will see if I can try and answer them! I have used these strategies to climb the lookbook ladder and it has worked. I believe that everyone can be successful in lookbooking. Remember, lookbook is like a game! :)

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jessica simpson porn pics Slightly OT and I haven't been here is a long time but... A way a surefire way to fail is to offer honest criticism anything but praise gets you shunned out outright hated. I tried to offer critiques especially when they asked for them and got so much hate... LOL! I understand why this is yet if baffles me? If you ask for critiques why get mad? Also the sad fact is some people will never be able to afford a good camera of get a photographer to take good pictures of them so no matter how great their style they will fail here, same goes for "unattractive" people. That why I tells these folks not to bother unless they have strong self-esteem and don't care about popularity but this site like any other can be cruel if you come here seeking approval and high metrics.

Anyway I think the lack of critiques is why the hot page bores me and looks like a high school campus where everybody dresses the same to fit in.

I suppose also at this stage in my lifestyle I am less interested in this site as fashion inspiration and more interested in in at as a sociology/psychology discussion. And why do people really wear what they wear and what they think it says about them. As a side note I have found very few lookbook users (none from the hot page yet) whom I feel that their style really tells me something interesting about their personality as opposed to following trends or the cliche I wear what I like. Styles that show your sense of humor, or show that you have embraced you inner dragon or dark side. Maybe you have a style that screw cook/chef, or you are trying to be the apparel version of your favorite paintings.

See, I don't want to see what's trendy. I see that everyday I go to the mall or the movies. I want to see what WILL be trendy or will NEVER be trendy I want to see the free thinkers and outsiders pushing the envelope of fashion and style like Bowie (RIP) or Grace Jones. The quirky kids that never get invited to the dance, the people with sewing machines and fetish for all things medieval. Most people just seem to do what everyone else is doing (me included to some extent) and that is boring and not hot to me.

Sure if that is the style you like rock but be willing to accept it is not unique or original. I wear what I wear and care enough not to care what people think. I appreciate all comments and critiques not just the nice ones because it helps me evaluate what I am doing. And I can usually tell by the way somebody says something if we just have stylistic differences or if maybe I could do less or more or something different.

But people have been complaining about the hot page all the way back when folks like Alex Evans posted the same alt moody emo pics every other day. Also I find most hot page people don't comment back or interact much at all (especially in forums) outside of a thanks with LB users. So it isn't really a two way street. And would it kill you people to smile or look like you are having fun in your photos instead of standing their emotionless?

The other thing I wonder is... to be on the hot page or popular on Lookbook you have to be active in posting looks, which makes sense yet, wouldn't most people run out of looks after a month? How big are the wardrobes of the hot page people have? Switching shirts with the same pants isn't really THAT new of a look is it?

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cartoon xxx porn videos jennifer aniston naked gallery-D (not sure if this mentioning is working) I would love to have a cup of coffee with you one day and discuss about this. But I see you live in the US so perhaps a digital cup of coffee? Haha

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woman on dog sex I've seen some Lookbookers use hashtags. Does that help with getting fans and hypes?

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top porn videos free I'm using them but I actually have no clue if they help. I'm just, well, I could take those 20 extra seconds and type in some hashtags. I mean, it can't hurt unless you use completely irrelevant hashtags.

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free sick porn vids I've hyped many lookbookers, after typing in, or clicking certain hashtag names; also fanned! I've noticed that hashtags will get you featured, if its one that everyone is using

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real african sex movies You mean a great look that the majority wants you to wear or a great look that is unique and so you? I'm now confused when it comes to looks!

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soul calibur nude cheat all things i've been saying for a long time. i do feel that the bigger the hot page people become, the more bland and commercial they become. i'm all for the creative of thriftiness and home sewn stuff, it's much more interesting but those never get on the hot page. most people who post all the time don't get on the hot page, it really is about the popularity vote

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ugly black girl porn I bet Man of Steel means you'll be recognizable even in towns or cities you are not familiar with!!! Those people are just that extremely super popular and have true celebrity status!

btw, I'm still pretty much in the newbie level! Only got 3 fans, which is sad as hell and makes me feel worthless in the sense of the fashion world! I don't wanna end up overhyping and overfanning cause that will make me seem desparate! Time to just post more looks and hope for the best!

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hentai lesbian porn movies Cool thanks, this is really helpful.
Just one more question: do you have any advice on the "Describe your look"-section? Does it help to write something there? As I usually struggle to find the right words to describe my outfits ...
Thanks for your help

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best man sex toy I've seen many looks titled as quotes. I do that alot with my bike outfits. I like the idea of basing the quote off of what brand or style your wearing, or where you're at in your photo. Examples would be using quotes about Levi's while wearing Levi's; quotes based off of leather while wearing leather, or even a beach quote, if your at the beach in your outfit. Luckily we live in the world of Google; it helps when deciding on titles for outfits :)

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jennifer love hewitt naked Im not a guru, but try shooting outdoor shots in your outfits. Sometimes that sunrise view or even statue, monument, or location will boost likes too. Hyping and commenting helps too, but watch who you hype. Im learning that this is a popularity contest, and yes there are levels ; levels similar to like a low, middle, or high class in who responds to you. Example would be, if you message or hype someone (high class) that has a ton load of fans, hypes, and good quality photos most likely they wont respond to you, unless you are on their level. It is what it is, but don't let it break you mentally. I do have my regular social group on here, and enjoy having at least that.

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eating out the pussy I found this article is very useful. Thank you for sharing this tips

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