latino lesbians having sex With only 24 hours, it's a wonder how much Girl Bosses can get accomplished in a single day and still fit in an ample amount of sleep and R&R (all the while, being dressed to the 9’s) — especially when everyone’s highlight reel tells a far different story than what’s actually happening in real time.

Sure, we have our high moments and there’s plenty of people out there that love what they do so much that it doesn’t even feel like work. But more often than not, our greatest moments most often come about from a just-as-great amount of preparation, planning, and concerted effort. A healthy dose of what truly goes into what we’re most inspired by online can be a key motivating factor into turning our greatest aspirations into reality.

Here, we’ve collected various snapshots of the daily lives and routines of Lookbookers who killing it in the #girlboss arena. We hope this little peek into their behind-the-scenes lives will not only serve as a guide for structuring your days in a girl-boss kinda way, but as inspiration and motivation for getting back into dream-making mode, long after the holiday weekend!

“What I love about being a freelancer is that not one working day is the same. Life is hectic, and yet at the same time, super exciting. On a typical weekday, I'll work from home a couple hours on freelance projects and afterwards, take photos for my blog or Instagram, and edit some of them. I go to events or press days (if there are any) and meet the clients to discuss possible collaborations.” — free ebony porn download

“Our days always look different. During fashion week, a regular day is mostly composed of fittings, shows, meetings and documenting trends for our audience. Other days, we travel to different destinations for meetings or projects we’re working on. But most of the time, my days consist of answering emails, organizing and shooting editorials and posts, attending meetings, and coordinating with our team.” — bound and gagged porn of eva longoria nude wallpaper

“I never know what will be thrown my way. Every day is different, which is both exciting and challenging. Of course, I have the usual tasks like answering emails, conceptualizing photo shoots, thinking about our clients and their needs, and managing and strategizing with our team. I think when you are working around-the-clock to build a company, there really are no typical days.” — child sex abuse cases of big tit lesbian picture

“My weekday schedule varies everyday, but it usually consists of one or more of the following — meetings in the bay or city, emails, administrative work, and prepping blog posts and other content. I love working from local coffee shops, so you can usually find me there. Besides that, I spend the rest of my day running errands, engaging in gym sessions (I’m a huge fitness freak) or meeting with other photographers for a shoot. My husband is only free on weekends so we’ll try to shoot on one or both days. We’ll try to combine it with an outing, which usually consists of a long drive or checking out a new brunch spot around where we live. Our all-time favorite place is around the bay, where we head out to for shooting looks, as well as chilling in Santa Cruz.” — young asian sex pics

“I have like 3 jobs — which I’m continually juggling throughout the week. I work as a social media specialist and photographer for one brand, while also managing my own blog and a small online store. At times, it can seem hard, but when you truly love what you do, it can actually be harder to take a break from it on the weekends (which I usually spend for creating new content and shooting for my site). I’m basically a happy working bee.” — house and cuddy sex

“I get up at 7:30am and begin checking emails for about an hour while drinking glasses of lemon water (I always have two). Breakfast comes after — the perfect morning meal for me is toast with egg and cream cheese, with some fresh vegetables on side. Then, I make my first coffee in the cafeteria. I work until 1:30pm, producing marketing materials for my employer, before leaving for lunch to one of the nice little restaurants near my apartment in Warsaw. Sometimes, I’ll meet up with my beautiful sister to lunch and share lifestyle news. I get off work around 5pm and spend an hour at the gym before finally finding the time to focus on blogging or meeting with friends. Lately, I would love to change my daily routine to spend some holidays with my love!” — wifes cum filled pussy
“Like most bloggers, I don’t make enough for a living with just blogging so I have to go to work every morning (harsh reality). After work, I’ll grab a cup of coffee, proceed with writing up some blog posts, do some research on what is new in the blogging world, and update myself on what all the new trends are (something I really enjoy doing).” — brother n sister sex

“I get up super early to check emails, and then go for a walk down to the beach. Afterwards, I’ll do something relaxing, like a good shower, and a breakfast of toast, tomato and some coffee. Then it’s straight to work. Listening to music helps me get through it (I have several favorite playlists in Spotify). In the afternoon, I usually always have a report or an interview to conduct.” — porn free mp4 download

“I basically spend the day drinking multiple cups of coffee, spending hours on my notebook and on photoshop, writing emails, watching my favorite TV series multiple times over with my sister, and creating new outfits and shooting them. Rinse and repeat.” — naked little tiny girls

“My typical weekday consists of waking up and finding the time to get in a good hour-long workout, as well as some homework done, before I go to work. On days I don’t work, my day is full of shooting pictures and working towards my dreams!” — mature woman having sex